Ladies, worried about your distressed nipples?

Spot the nipple? Neither can I. (source: ChinaSmack)

China has gone bonkers. They’ve gone nipple bonkers.

Firstly, the cause.

Two weeks ago a spate of Chinese female news anchorwomen began sporting a similar fashion statement on camera. ERECT NIPPLES!! A spate of erect nipples!!!

In a particular popular post on the controversial blog, China Smack, a blogger brought attention to the nipple-showing ladies and called for comments. Well the blog was linked to from thousands of sites and millions of comments were posted. Yep, millions.

Head over here for a look. My description will not suffice the stupidity of the controversy.

Secondly, the source of the problem!

Could cut glass

An enterprising old man from Chengdu has created the ‘nipple bra’. He believes conventional bras are crushing the female nipple leading to distress.

Conventional bras he says, are “Himalayas mountains without a Mount Everest”.

He also goes on to say, that he considers himself a “liberator” like Sun Yatsen, the man who rebelled against the tradition of female feet binding.

China’s very own “nipple-gate”. Lord.


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