Miss Bikini China

奶酪! (Cheese!)

These girls are brave. Three reasons:

1. It’s currently 10 degrees in China

2. Those swimming costumes are hideous. (Reminds me of a primary school girl’s swimming cozzie… but someone has taken scissors to it)

3. They’re in China. Public showing of the flesh is highly highly frowned on.

These are the winners of the 2010 Miss Bikini International China. Now if you look at the winners a fact becomes abundantly clear. All these girls have a similar look: Slim to the point of skinny sans breasts and butt.

This look is very Taiwanese. The beauties from Taipei are venerated among Chinese and foreign men because of their porcelain skin and dainty features. More on the Taiwanese obsession later.

Would like to know everyone’s opinion on this celebration of beauty. China’s hottest bikini babes.. hot or not?

(Courtesy People’s Daily Online… cheers)

It's because my hands go there...


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