Kissy kissy Mao baby

Hello there,

My name is Mark. I currently work in a job where I write all day. Unfortunately I don’t get to write what I want. Therefore, I have resorted to daily updates via this blog.

The posts will be daily updates on everything that is happening in my sphere in Beijing. You’re probably not going to get anything really Western here.

But I should be clear: THIS SITE IS MAINLY FOR WESTERNERS WHO WANT TO KNOW A BIT ABOUT CHINA. I am under no illusion to the fact that Beijing’s blog scene is fierce and its bloggers are brilliant. Hence, the tone much more cordial and introductory.

Along with the words, you can expect a whole lots of pics, music, videos that accompany text, and if you like something please tell me. Comment below!

Fuck this first post. Let’s get started.


About Mark

Twenty-something young man, graduate of journalism
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